Konstfrämjandet Värmland


Konstfrämjandet Värmland

Jenny Soep – #WakingThoughts

I Jenny Soeps installation #WakingThoughts undersöker konstnären katarsis, uppriktighet och sårbarhet, dagliga rutiner, postdigital kreativitet och mänskliga förbindelser. Det är en samling dagliga teckningar utförda med en enkel uppsättning regler och material.

På Kolonin kommer Jenny at teckna direkt i fönstergalleriet, och där återskapa utdrag ur en kollektion som går tillbaka till 2016.

De här teckningarna som skapats kontinuerligt mellan 22 maj och februari 2017, kan ses på Instagram samma dag som de skapats.www.instagram.com/jennysoep

An exhibition with a drawing workshop during the vernissage – Saturday 28 April kl 13.00

In Jenny Soep’s installation #WakingThoughts, the artist explores catharsis, honesty and vulnerability, daily ritual, post-digital creativity and human connection. It is a collection of daily drawings made with a simple set of rules and materials.

Aware that dreams can be a signifier of our mental state as well as a resource with which to work from, Jenny Soep has made a simple set of rules for a daily drawing practice. Intended to create a private space of meditation, reflection and creativity that functions as an exorcism for negativity, #wakingthoughts is loosely inspired by Julia Cameron’s exercise ‘Morning Papers’ from her book ‘The Artist’s Way’, and becomes a ritual to start the day well.

Some common themes have been uncovered via Jenny’s drawings – being an aging woman nearing the end of her fertility, other people’s disappointment, alternative gender roles, of time passing, regrets and relationships, and of existing as though within a body of water – to be moved, supported or swum against.

For the exhibition at Kolonin, Jenny will be drawing directly in the window, recreating certain pages from a collection that goes back to 2016.

These drawings, (mostly) continuously created between May 22 2016 – February 2017 – are viewable on instagram the same day and date they were created – if you want to have more clues of what they were about, read the #hashtags – www.instagram.com/jennysoep

Utställningen ordnas i samarbete med Konstfrämjandet Värmland och Kolonin, Arvika

  • Kolonin / FönstergallerietKyrkogatan 42 Arvika
  • 27 april – 9 juni