Meeting of Minds/Karlstad

Opening at our window, this fantastic project. Come and watch.

“Meeting of Minds/Karlstad”
Eden Mengisteab – Filippa Arrias – Helene Karlsson – Nisrine Boukhari – Sandi Hilal – Sara Falkstad
Konstframjandet Varmland
The exhibition can be seen from the window of Konstframjandet Varmland

About the exhibition
Originally, the project was to take place in Karlstad at Konstframjandet Varmland as a public meeting and exhibition featuring six female artists.
Each artist planned to investigate feminist concepts in their artistic practice as well as the subject of migration.
Instead, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the artists met virtually via Zoom.
During these meetings their discourse shifted towards the impact death, isolation, separation, and lockdown have had on the outcome of their artistic work.
As a result of these meetings, we produced short documentation where artists are sharing with you segments from Meeting of Minds

Curated by Abir Boukhari
Supported by Karlstad Kommun – Konstframjandet Varmland

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