Pilipalister — Christmas Traffic in the Multiverse

"Where do pilipalistic ideas come from?

There are no new ideas; all the ideas were born in the Big Bang and as universe keeps expanding, those ideas just get bigger and bigger.

Now, with the Discovery of the Multiverse it seems there has been several Big Bangs and ideas are flying from all directions. Some are gas like, some are pure radiation and some are even invisible for the naked eye.

Operating on such a vast and multi-layered sea of Ideas, facing the inevitable storms and tsunamis, is of course challenging, but it is quite doable with wormholes, speed of light and super-powers - telepathy helps with practical issues a lot - and in the end: there is no hurry"

"We are creators of our own universes, heavy substances with large gravity zones. It is beautiful how such elements start to rotate/circle each other and form this cosmic dance. And space is a big place. There is room for all sort of creatures, hybrids, babies, fossils, flowers and intelligence."

And now we are creating a show to Karlstad Värmlands Konstfrämjandets galleri to make a small difference into our Existence.

Warmly Welcome on Friday 01.12.2023 to the Opening and anytime in December when the gallery is open !

Ps: Pilipalist group consists of three members

-Kalle Turakka Purhonen

-Petri Hytönen

-Sampsa Indrén

You can also check our Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100076175172110

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